Friday, August 1, 2008

the one when its nearly weekend...


its friday night again, time sure flies faster than ever. Here i am, sitting in my room all night. i wish i have any reason, anything so that i dont have to be here. But then again, i prefer to keep myself cozy in my own bedroom...

Lately, i was filled with so many ideas until i cant really figure out what my exactly wants. It seems that i desire so many things, ALL AT ONCE....eager to learn html, css..all those web design thing. At the same time, eager to learn about those financial things i.e. stocks and all that. Then, my interest in Photoshop and dslr still in me, thinking when will i get my hand on one of that Nikon dslr...

There so many thing i want to know, to learn EXCEPT my studies. So ironic!! I wish i have that kind of feelings when it come to ee. Im confused! I really am..I cant possibly be good at all that, cant i? Is this can be considered identity crisis?? haha...not knowing who you really are and what you that it? I really have the slightest idea now..arrgh

i just wanna sleep and forget these madness of mine...for a while.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The one after a long absent


for so long, i'd abandoned this blog. its not that i'm out of ideas but most of the time, i find it difficult to transfer the thoughts in my mind into words. Realising that, i began wondering how on earth those good authors could find their choice of words, and turned them into lovely novels, memoirs or even a business guidebook.


i've been back to utp, for my 2nd half of my 2nd year. This time around, i do feel i've been here for quite a while now. Most of the time i only see people from younger batches, which i cant recognised their faces. Not that i feel old or something, but it does shake things up a bit.

I love books(generally). Books can give you more than you can imagined. Books can be your motivator, teacher and a friend than can be on your side 24/7...( this may sound like i'm a bookworm but trust me, I'M NOT!)
Just recently, i've learn that the only way to conquer my fears is to face them. Do not afraid to make mistakes bacause The biggest failure one would ever make is to never make any mistakes. Kinda cool, isnt it? hehe..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

it's nerve wrecking!


tomorrow my first paper..very nervous right now. but at least, i THINK my preps are OK. there're still holes here and there, but i guess i'll be fine. i hope so!

but what kills me the most is that i'm dying to finish these off as quickly as i could and move on with my holidays...hahaha. cepat la weii..~~

there you go, i did my update..hehe.back to work!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

the one with the wacky wednesday...


wah. i've been away for a while now...hehe( macam dalam lagu 'bubly')..reason would be for the pas 2 weeks, i'm constantly trying to keep pace with my works. also, owh well, there's nothing interesting worth telling actually...

yesterday was my wackiest wednesday ever! why? i had my DSD test, and both my events (hf and electreX) happened to be at the same time! first, my test, argh!! what pissed me off was that,what he toldus in class is quite opposite from what he gave in the test! haish...

well, at least electreX had finally finished, even i barely get the chance to know the committees a lot more..

for a long time, i always wondered why i'm more easy going with the girls than the guys. in electrex 4 example, my dept was all ladies..haha. there are guys in the other dept but they're all classmates...and i'm the only male outsider..hah. well, when i think about it, i guess the main reason is that girls are expert in the thing i weak at : TALKING... they do all the talking while i just listen, make some sarcastic comments and just laugh...i'm not saying that i'm being insincere but i actually feel confortable, even my stupid jokes are laughable enough.hehe..

compared to being with the guys, i just not into football, online games or cars( but i'm not a cissy ok!haha), so i find it hard to connect to them...talking about EPL and all...weird huh, being in all-male school for 11 years but still...haih..pelik2..

maybe i should find a way to make it work...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

the one when the holiday is over...


midsem break was over. and it went so deym fast! i feel like yesterday i packed my stuff and finally slept on my own bed. and now its over. back to business...ngaa...
every time i entered the campus front gate, i'll always feel sort of like there is heavy burden fell on me. i know too well that all those workloads, are ready for me..ceyh. hate it. it's killing me...hah.

the election fiasco finally stabilize itself. not quite actually, but i 'll just ignore those stuff for a while. .talking, thinking and discussing about it wouldnt change anything now anyway. let the politicians, academicians do all of them..haha. * its their job!

i'm soo not in a mood for tomorrow class..arghh. i want to sleep, watch tv and eat all day long...hua3

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the one with the gim...


i had a BLAST tonight!! i had fun with the guys. haha.. improV best!* x pasal2 pegi gim lepas tuh eventhough sepatutnya its ladies night...keh3

i was not in a mood to study at all, despite Numet test on thursday..ngaa..test lagih..aduh.

homesick attacks!
right now, my mind seems to be only consentrating on the holidays. with these images lingering my head.... my comforting bed, endless tv+sleep+eat..huhu...

currently listening to : no one(alicia keys)

Monday, March 3, 2008

the one where the old nightmares came back...


i just had my most disturbed saturday-yet. supposedly, i should only have one koQ class, but instead, i had 1 class, 5 hours lab and 1 test!...gaaa..ON SATURDAY!ceyh..

but thankfully, i had a blissful sunday, haha...or so i thought.

we had another ph meeting, and apparently, they decided to do another career seminar-like events this april! arghh...why did everything has to be BIG ! All those cs times was quite horrible, eventhough i admit, there were some happy parts and yeah, i learned the most from it. But, to face that again,this semester... i dont know...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the one when I overslept...


first time this year, i overslept, and miss my class. thats quite and achievement actually, considering that last year, i cant even count how many clasess i skipped because i slept. haha.

its 11.27 pm now, and i'm hardly covering much for my next this point, i feel campus life is soo boring. nothing much except all those endless workloads...ngaaa. and i thought by joining clubs and all will help but i dont know, seems more like a business to me. not pure fun..

i know, part of it is actually my fault. One of the main reasons i love to join all those stuff is because i'm hoping to get to know new people. Yes, i did. but it just end right there. All that left afterthat is a nudge, or a nod when we met at the streets. totally not cool..haih.

once,my friend told me that he thinks the reason why is that because i'm being a snob. well, to be honest, he is quite right about that. But what he dont know is that WHY i'm being like that in a first place. There's always a reason why people behave the way they do...and i, i have my own reason.

oh well, i'm just not in a mood of thinking all these right now. My brain have already crammed for the day, and to think that the next 3 days will be about STUDY-TEST-HOMEWORK only make it worse...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

the one when weekend was soo boring...


this is my third attempt at writing something here but my works just seem to be a major roadblock! =S

Sunday, February 10, 2008

the one with the african bucket


just came back from my 'driving lesson'. yup. although i had my P license for more than a year now already, i still suck at it. kah3 ( what on earth a guy suck at driving huh??) .fortunate enough, adli was so kind to help me to deal with it. thanks mate! =P

my CNY holiday had been cut short and for what? NOTHING. supposedly, there would be a meet up on friday but it got canceled! how i wish i'm still at home...huhu..thankfully, UTP = 24/7 of internet! hehehe..

all this while, i thought i'm quite good in english. how wrong i am!

i was on my way out, when suddenly an african guy asked me " bucket? " i didnt understand, and continue to stare blankly at him. he showed me a pail and repeated " have bucket?" i thought he asked me if that pail was mine, and i said " not mine", but he continued to say something like " you- ...bucket-... 20 minutes". i got it. i took mine in the bathroom and gave him. but even I couldnt get my words right. i said something like " you just put it back there..err here..."

and today, i am ashamed with myself..a bit.haha

Sunday, February 3, 2008

the one with the shopping


just came back from my first ever early morning jog, with my friend. thanks to UTP, of course. the jogging pathway was awesome. ( the fact that it made me exercise make the word 'awesome' is like ' awesome x100!)...

yesterday was my day out. went to ip and jj. i was into the idea of watching movies but unfortunately adli was not very into english movies. i gave up. at first, i kinda frustrated, coz it seems that we dont have anything in common when it comes to the idea of shooping. my school buddies, on the other hand, would be the best companions to go shopping together. we would be watching movies, bowling and having all those delicious McD/KFC and all....basically we always had a great time going out...

but i guess, i was being selfish after all...i cant expect other people to change according to my wants/needs. if i do that, in the end i'll get upset and more frustrated. it wont happen. it is me who have be able to change myself accordingly... it is how the world works actually...

so i calm down and get over it. and instead of draining my energy by being angry and ruining my friendship, i actually had a good time yesterday....hah.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

the one with the perfumes...


yesterday i kinda had a sleepy start. class at 8 am is far too early 4 me. owh well...
i kept my mission in my head. be interested in others...

clasess ended at nearly 12 noon. so i headed to my room. on the way back, i saw alen and we stopped to chat 4 a while. beside us was a booth selling all kind of perfumes. i accidently spoke loud enough about those for the sales lady to hear us. i was kinda embarassed.

i decided to cover up my embarassement (hahah) by going to the booth. i started to be interested in these perfumes. it kinda easy because the sales lady was eager to show us her products. i made some intentionally jokes just to see how would it work. it did. the lady was fun and we had a great time eventhough we just buying one of them. (i didnt buy any though..hehe. alen& adli bought one each..)

i spend all evening sleeping.hahah

Thursday, January 31, 2008

the one with the elevator

as i said. i'll try to be more interested in people from now on. lucky me, coz even on the first day, i could already see how easy it was to be interested in others....

i was on a break between class, so me and my friend, adli went to the cafe to grab something to eat. Unfortunate for us as there was a long line of people waiting to pay, and we only had like 1/2 hour b4 our next class...

adli wanna go somewhere else, but i dont feel like going with him so i said that i'll just go to the class. but the class( on the 2nd floor) was occupied at that time so i decided to just go down to stay on the ground floor....

at the elevator, there was this makcik cleaner(as utpian calls them...), moping the floor in front of the lift. normally, i'll ignore or at most, i'll smile to them. but today i say 2 myself "Here's your chance, BE INTERESTED IN OTHER PEOPLE!! "... and so, i started to ask her...

me : (smiling) mak cik da makan?
mak cik: (nodding & slightly smiling...) duduk mane?
me: owh, btu gajah..dekat je...( more smile)
makcik : la...dekat je, boleh balik ari2 ye..
me : haah..haha
makcik: boleh le jumpe mak hari2...
me: (smile even more...)
makcik : anak makcik yang sulung pun belajar lagi...kat kedah/perlis( im not sure..)..jauh, xla selalu balik...
me: owh yeke

at that point, i already in the lift and the door started to close, and i have to say goodbye. i know she wanted to tell more....

me: ok la makcik, pegi dulu ye...
makcik: yela..

i know the story was so simple, hardly interesting at all. but this single act left a deep impression on me on how a simple question "makcik da makan?" would turn into a friendly

thats make me eager to find out what would happen tomorrow!


this is NOT my first blog. in fact, i already had like 3-4 before this, but all is closed now. so why open some more?

my intention to open this blog is solely for my purpose.this blog is a place for me to keep the records of my every day-to-day encounters with my family,friends, aquaintance, or even strangers...the action i take and the reaction i make during these encounters.
i'm determined to put everything i read/learn about HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE into action. to see for myself whether these things works or not...

lesson 1: interested in other people if you want other people to be interested in you.

so, first lesson is to be interested in other people...i guess i'll try it for a week and look at the results...