Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the one when I overslept...


first time this year, i overslept, and miss my class. thats quite and achievement actually, considering that last year, i cant even count how many clasess i skipped because i slept. haha.

its 11.27 pm now, and i'm hardly covering much for my next this point, i feel campus life is soo boring. nothing much except all those endless workloads...ngaaa. and i thought by joining clubs and all will help but i dont know, seems more like a business to me. not pure fun..

i know, part of it is actually my fault. One of the main reasons i love to join all those stuff is because i'm hoping to get to know new people. Yes, i did. but it just end right there. All that left afterthat is a nudge, or a nod when we met at the streets. totally not cool..haih.

once,my friend told me that he thinks the reason why is that because i'm being a snob. well, to be honest, he is quite right about that. But what he dont know is that WHY i'm being like that in a first place. There's always a reason why people behave the way they do...and i, i have my own reason.

oh well, i'm just not in a mood of thinking all these right now. My brain have already crammed for the day, and to think that the next 3 days will be about STUDY-TEST-HOMEWORK only make it worse...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

the one when weekend was soo boring...


this is my third attempt at writing something here but my works just seem to be a major roadblock! =S

Sunday, February 10, 2008

the one with the african bucket


just came back from my 'driving lesson'. yup. although i had my P license for more than a year now already, i still suck at it. kah3 ( what on earth a guy suck at driving huh??) .fortunate enough, adli was so kind to help me to deal with it. thanks mate! =P

my CNY holiday had been cut short and for what? NOTHING. supposedly, there would be a meet up on friday but it got canceled! how i wish i'm still at home...huhu..thankfully, UTP = 24/7 of internet! hehehe..

all this while, i thought i'm quite good in english. how wrong i am!

i was on my way out, when suddenly an african guy asked me " bucket? " i didnt understand, and continue to stare blankly at him. he showed me a pail and repeated " have bucket?" i thought he asked me if that pail was mine, and i said " not mine", but he continued to say something like " you- ...bucket-... 20 minutes". i got it. i took mine in the bathroom and gave him. but even I couldnt get my words right. i said something like " you just put it back there..err here..."

and today, i am ashamed with myself..a bit.haha

Sunday, February 3, 2008

the one with the shopping


just came back from my first ever early morning jog, with my friend. thanks to UTP, of course. the jogging pathway was awesome. ( the fact that it made me exercise make the word 'awesome' is like ' awesome x100!)...

yesterday was my day out. went to ip and jj. i was into the idea of watching movies but unfortunately adli was not very into english movies. i gave up. at first, i kinda frustrated, coz it seems that we dont have anything in common when it comes to the idea of shooping. my school buddies, on the other hand, would be the best companions to go shopping together. we would be watching movies, bowling and having all those delicious McD/KFC and all....basically we always had a great time going out...

but i guess, i was being selfish after all...i cant expect other people to change according to my wants/needs. if i do that, in the end i'll get upset and more frustrated. it wont happen. it is me who have be able to change myself accordingly... it is how the world works actually...

so i calm down and get over it. and instead of draining my energy by being angry and ruining my friendship, i actually had a good time yesterday....hah.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

the one with the perfumes...


yesterday i kinda had a sleepy start. class at 8 am is far too early 4 me. owh well...
i kept my mission in my head. be interested in others...

clasess ended at nearly 12 noon. so i headed to my room. on the way back, i saw alen and we stopped to chat 4 a while. beside us was a booth selling all kind of perfumes. i accidently spoke loud enough about those for the sales lady to hear us. i was kinda embarassed.

i decided to cover up my embarassement (hahah) by going to the booth. i started to be interested in these perfumes. it kinda easy because the sales lady was eager to show us her products. i made some intentionally jokes just to see how would it work. it did. the lady was fun and we had a great time eventhough we just buying one of them. (i didnt buy any though..hehe. alen& adli bought one each..)

i spend all evening sleeping.hahah