Saturday, July 26, 2008

The one after a long absent


for so long, i'd abandoned this blog. its not that i'm out of ideas but most of the time, i find it difficult to transfer the thoughts in my mind into words. Realising that, i began wondering how on earth those good authors could find their choice of words, and turned them into lovely novels, memoirs or even a business guidebook.


i've been back to utp, for my 2nd half of my 2nd year. This time around, i do feel i've been here for quite a while now. Most of the time i only see people from younger batches, which i cant recognised their faces. Not that i feel old or something, but it does shake things up a bit.

I love books(generally). Books can give you more than you can imagined. Books can be your motivator, teacher and a friend than can be on your side 24/7...( this may sound like i'm a bookworm but trust me, I'M NOT!)
Just recently, i've learn that the only way to conquer my fears is to face them. Do not afraid to make mistakes bacause The biggest failure one would ever make is to never make any mistakes. Kinda cool, isnt it? hehe..