Thursday, January 29, 2009


etp is hard..

i know it's hardwork. but this is TWICE as much of a burden than i had imagine!

its only week 2 now, and we already have problem. i mean, we have no idea where to start! urgh.

btw, etp stands for engineering team project.

Monday, January 19, 2009

sindrom 'AWAL-SEM'

sindrom 'AWAL-SEM' termasuklah :

-straight g class walaupun still 20 minit awal!
-confident venue lecture betul tapi last2 silap masuk kelas orang laen...
-berebut nak cop slot utk lab tapi x sampai sejam nak tukar plak!
- ayat " sem ni nak buat betul2!! " confirm selalu dengar...
untuk perhatian:
sindrom ni hanya berlaku pada minggu 1 & 2 shj. sekian.


its good to be back..


x jugak. internet lembab!! itula utp yg kukenal..hahaha

hampagagas btul...ngah3

Sunday, January 18, 2009

its OVER..~

it's already 12.03 am
and i'm still not done with my packing...yet!

argh. sgt lecehh..
packing and repacking all over again..
every 6 months!!..blargh.
naseb baik la utp ku terchenta dekat...ngah3...

i'm going to miss all these carefree, no-worries holidays... a lot! a lot! a lot!
i'll miss my tv..
having no 8am class to rush to...
aaaaaaaaahhhhhh......~ *sigh

anyway, too much of good stuffs aren't always the best..
my head has been empty for a while now..hua3

erk, still much to be to stop now.

Thursday, January 15, 2009



naseb baek it turn out OK.
yang penting UP dari last time. paling takut kalau jatuh. fuhh....~

now,baru rasa semangat nak start- 3rd year!! woohoo.. (excited la sangat)
puas dah rasanya cuti kali nih.

sesi packing barang starts NOW.