Thursday, March 19, 2009


midsem break has FINALLY arrived.
after a straight 9 looong weeks, living on the run, keeping tabs with everything, all those endless point listing them in here. hah

ok updates.

1. utp internet service has gone one step BELOW WORST. its unacceptable. Everything connected to google ( gmail, blogger etc.. ) cant be open! how insane is that?? dah la gmail n gtalk tu boleh kata 99% utpian guna utk communicate with each other. cehh. harapkan wireless yang macam chipsmore. kejap ada kejap X ada .

2. engineering team project aka etp. unbearable. punca no 1 sem ni kadang2 jadi psychotic x tentu pasal.

3. family - baru dapat tahu my adik been offered to enter kisas. mom's really happy, ada jugak la anak dia nnt boley jadi ustaz =p

4. internship - lega dah dapat placement offer. honestly, a bit shocked cause it came earlier than i expected. x start applying on my own pon lagi ( habit procastinate ni masih menebal dlm sanubari..haha). x kisah sgt tempat kat mana as long as it's not in perak. i really2 need to step out of my comfort zone.

dah update. hah.

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