Sunday, April 12, 2009

hunting places

6 weeks left before internship begin, and yet, we haven't found a place that we could call 'home' for the next 8 months. So, considering the time that we still have, minus exam weeks and all, we figured yesterday was the best time to start our seach (plus, monday is holiday in perak).

And so we went.
honestly, i thought it's going to be easy.I was wrong.

Since we never had any experiences searching house for rent, I especially, was cluelless on how to even begin. Luckily, my dear friends were more 'proactive' than me..haha. We found several ads promoting house/room for rent. We called several of them.

The first one. We called, and the owner gives all the details. It sounded good, in the phone. We said we wanted to see the house (its actually a flat). We met and he took us to show the place. Along the way, we thought this was perfect, after hearing everything he said. Wrong again.

Even before we entered, i personally was very suprised to see the building," RM 500/month for a place like this??" (again i have to say, this is my first time searching a place in kl). It got worse when we entered inside.I kept on pretending as if i like the place, nodding all the time . The others did the same.

We searched again. Whenever there were ads, we called. Some were either too expensive, or too far away.

Second place.It was quite far. Far enough that we accidently took the wrong lrt route!..haha sengal. The conditon of the house was fine,better than the previous, but the surroundings really2 make me uncomfortable.

You see, I'd never lived in a city before. Seeing so many people, trying to live in a same place. Kids were everywhere....
Every wall was covered with vandalisme....
All these caught me off guard. At that point, i kept thinking about how grateful i should be towards my parents, my life...

We took a break for awhile. Then, my friend got a phone call.Its from a young lady, only a few years older than we are. He actually had already contact her few days ago, and told that we were coming today. She said she was available and could show us her place. We were pretty tired but we decided to go. That's the best decision we did.

When we first met her, we could tell she was good. The flat that she showed us wasnt bad at all, considering what we had seen all day, this was definitely the winner. Its not too shabby, the surrounding was cosy, easy access to food, transport. It was perfect for me. Heh.

We spent the rest of the day at klcc, where I bought myself a gorgeous necktie, hehe. And so we went back that day feeling relieved now that we finally have a place to live. =)

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