Thursday, May 14, 2009


i know caffeine can help you stay awake.
i've seen people doing it since - forever.
and yet i've never ACTUALLY tried them ( u see, im a milo person =p)

until today.

the time now is 2.36 am. wayyy to late for me,
but instead of snoozing like always,
im practically 'dancing'....
my eyes are as wide as they can be....

i guess
a cup of late night of coffee every single day
for another week wont hurt.
at least until all the exams are over.heh


Urutoraman K said...

oh. aku minum banyak mana kopi pun, aku akan mengantuk.

ni namanya ketagihan yang ketara.

deenazainal said...

encik zaim... sile update blog kamu..... da bersawang neh!!!

AlexAlabasta said...

Apsal link ko tak update2 dah dekat 6 bulan dalam link blog aku, Zaim? Ader prob RSS Feed kot~