Thursday, July 9, 2009

life intern+kl

i just bought my own wireless broadband, now i can surf whenever i wish! haha. and i guess its time to finally update blog yang dah bersawang nih. =p


dah sebulan++ started internship @ klcc. i have to admit, mmg kadang2 rasa cool dapat intern with petronas. i know most people say intern dkt klcc boring,xde keje sume but i beg to differ. yes, mmg sometimes you tend to get bored in the office doing nothing, tp actually you are the one who choose not to do something. there are a lot of things to do, resources are all around you lah! its up to you to look for it.

besides, how come klcc can even be boring? food lover like me could enjoy so many foods-tu baru dalam suria! Paling kurang pun boleyh window shopping after 5pm, free-read dkt kinukoniya or just lepak2 depan tasik klcc tuh. sangat nice =)

living in kl

all this while, my life has been simple. sekolah duduk asrama, uni pun all stay in-campus. that is why im excited to finally have a taste of the 'real life'. living in a small flat in the city, sharing together with 5 dear friends- what else could i possibly hope for? im lovin it right now.

yeah, living in kl has it own set of challenges, and everyone knows, but, i actually feel grateful because i myself is experiencing these challenges. All the cramming in LRT, rocketing food price etc. Those things taught me alot more than i anticipated. i trully am grateful.

so many stories, maybe in later posting. huhu.


shahrin yusof said...

intern dalam bidang apa?

zaim said...

electrical engineering, wif petronas carigali =)